Pixel und Spaetzle?

What is Spaetzle?!
Spaetzle is a traditional dish in the southern part of Germany… and I love it! In fact I love most of our food and of course our part of this country. So, adding this dish to my company name gives a regional reference (… and a smiling faces when they see the name).

Me, by the way, my name is Patrick. I am a 31 year old mechanical engineer. For years I have been shooting and editing videos as a hobby. But in 2018 I wondered if I could make more out of this hobby. So I started my own little company about photography and videography together with my wife. 

Pixel und Spaetzle is mainly focused on doing client work, giving individual classes in video editing and running a YouTube channel around photography, videography and a lot of drone stuff.

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Running my own little YouTube Channel around Photography and Videography is a lot of fun!

I make content that I really care about. And so do my followers! Building an engaged and loyal community is most important to me!
After all doing videos about topics I care about and engaging with my lovely community is what’s keeping me going!

My goal is to provide a diversivied mix of video editing tutorials, gear reviews and photography.

engaging // educational // authentic

What I do on YouTube

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